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Clara Pérez Miñones

Artist based in London, UK

Clara Perez is an artist and a part-time Fine Art student at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Originally from Galicia (north Spain), Clara has been living in the UK for over 6 years and she is currently based in South East London. 


Clara’s love for the arts started at a young age when at the age of 9 she undertook fine art classes with a local artist who became her mentor for the next 10 years. During that period Clara learned a diverse range of painting techniques and explored the work of classic and modern artists inviting her to develop a creative language of her own. After studying Editorial Design in her hometown, life took Clara to beautiful Barcelona where she lived for five years.

Currently working from her little home studio, Clara’s artwork features her new preferred medium, oils, while occasionally using acrylics and watercolours. After a period of producing digital prints, she is now working on paper, wooden panels and canvases painting everyday scenes, objects and reinterpretations of classic paintings.


Latest Exhibitions

September 2022

Sydenham Arts Trail

London, UK

January 2022

The Holy Art, Eternity Virtual Exhibition

London, UK

September 2021

Sydenham Arts Trail

London, UK

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