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Clara Pérez Miñones

Artist and Fine Arts student based in London, UK

Clara’s path in the arts started at a young age, at only 9 years old she undertook private fine art classes with Galician artist Joanín Miranda who became her mentor for the next 10 years. During those years Clara learned and explored classic and modern painting techniques. 

Nowadays Clara’s work features her love for mixed techniques including inks, acrylics and watercolors. Clara’s style is curious and bold, with a focus on clear lines and bright colour compositions that explore altered natural shapes. With a style that’s ever changing, specially moved by the capacity to bring brightness and joy using bright colours and shapes out of the ordinary.


Latest Exhibitions

September 2022

Sydenham Arts Trail

London, UK

January 2022

The Holy Art, Eternity Virtual Exhibition

London, UK

September 2021

Sydenham Arts Trail

London, UK

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